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Lovely collection of EL84's in action!!

Welcome to JB Amp repairs

I have been in electronics longer than i would care to mention !!!!,Spent almost all my time doing audio visual

I started JB amp repairs in late 2012 too only repair and service Guitar amps, This is still my main focus
In 2017 we moved into  GUITAR MANIA 118 Ashley Rd Parkstone Poole BH14 9BN,, and i have been there every since

This is really  beneficial for me and my customers & customers of Guitar Mania Everything under one roof !!

So if you have a faulty GUITAR amp , Its easy just drop it in

9.30am to 5pm Mon to Sat, If you wish me to be there you need to be there before 1pm Mon to Sat

We are official MESA BOOGIE Service repair agent  as well as on the list of repairers  for Orange/Marshall/Fender amps,  Stockist of Fender -Marshall and Mesa Boogie tubes and parts, as well as stocking Tung Sol - JJ - EHX - Sovtek tubes .F&T - Ruby - Illinois - Mallory - Orange drop -  Capacitors. 1000's of resistors and Pot's Transformer repair service available 


For more info on what we repair , Please go the OUR SERVICES page
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