Our Charges:

We try not give a price out before seeing the equipment , We prefer to check out the equipment  and give the correct price after we have check it out fully

We offer an estimate with all repairs, If the estimate is refused there is a charge of £35. Please contact us with the information of make and model and fault might be able to give a guide price- see our work page for some guidelines

How do we repair

Firstly we confirm the fault and make sure what is working and what isn't.  

  1. Test all tubes when cold

  2. Test amplifier to confirm fault( s)

  3. Check board over for worn components

  4. Check over for soldering issues

  5. Check all HT ans LT voltages

  6. Check Biasing circuit

  7. Clean all Pots - Switches - Jacks

  8. Once estimate is accepted 

  9. Repair amplifier and replace all faulty parts

  10. Test with Dummy load - Signal gen & Oscilloscope

  11. Monitor output and confirm its correct

  12. Test amplifier to confirm wattage at clipping point

  13. Finally test output and confirm maximum wattage

  14. Soak test for up to 24 hrs


Collection and delivery 

We offer a collection and Delivery service. We come out and collect the amp return to the workshop, repair and test it, Return it too. Please contact us for more details 

Payment methods

Once the equipment is ready for collection you have 2 options for payment. either Cash Or Bac's ( Bank transfer)

We don't have a card machine , and the one at guitar mania is not available to me. BAC's is easy and it preferred 

Payment of cleared funds before equipment is released.

full account details are supplied on request

JB Amp Repairs are specialists in  valve amplifier including guitar amps - Bass amps-PA systems and  HIFI separates We are undertake work on Solid state repairs inc Guitar-Bass-PA-Mixers-HIFI -Passive and active speakers ( Powered)

Fully stocked workshop with new valves EL34-EL84-6V6-6L6-5881-KT66

stocking a wide range of valve from Marshall-Fender-Mesa-TAD-Tungsol-JJ

Our aim to get the equipment turned around within 24/48 hrs wherever possible

What we repair

Guitar amps  -Valve or Solid State

Bass amps  -Valve or Solid State

PA amps -Valve or Solid State

Keyboard amps-Valve or Solid State

Hifi amps -Valve or Solid State

Audio separates ( CD - Tuner - TT etc)

Effects Pedal and rack effects

Rack Mounts units

Powered speakers

Passive speakers

Mixing desks

We don't repair

Car stereo

Car amps

Things that go BOOM BOOM in cars

Home Cinema amps ( HDMI)

Walkmans/MP3 player

Iphone/MP3 docking stations 

Mobile phones


Bedroom toys

No Fault found  charges 

If equipment is dropped in to us for repair and after  testing we can find nothing wrong, there will be a charge of £35 per piece of equipment. All equipment is opened and tested- Visually checked, checked over for common faults. The charge is cover our time on testing . Sadly we get a lot of faults that are cause by other equipment like leads - Effects board etc.If in the event that the equipment is returned to you and the fault does materialize, Bring it back and the £35 is take off the repair bill 


Insurance/Written estimates 

Insurance letters are charged at £35 ( added to the repair cost) All written detailed estimates are charged at £45. This is where i diagnose the amp and list all parts and work need to repair the equipment.