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If you don't have a guitar amp Please check what i don't repair  below 

JB Amp repair services was started to exclusively to repair GUITAR AMP's ..This is still our main focus

If you have any type of Guitar-Bass-Keyboard amp that requires repair or service   

Valve or Solid State any Make or Model Please get in contact or just turn up at Guitar Mania

Based inside  GUITAR MANIA 118 Ashley Rd Parkstone Poole BH149BN.


You just need to turn up 9.30am to 5pm Mon to Sat and thats it!!


Please contact me before bring in to me 

Handling charge of £35 (Paid in advance)  on all HIFI and ALL types of  PA equipment  

This is to cover the time i spent looking at it 

Taken off the bill if repaired.  If reurned unrepaired

the £35 is not refundable 

For more info

Please contact me for more info


Recovering of any sort ---check out ZILLA Cabs

Supply parts or valves, of any sort 

Bit of equipment supplied to me in bits

Guitar / Bass Guitars( Speak to Guitar -Mania)

Guitar electric's ( Speak to Guitar -Mania)

Keyboard's Please go to peter's website

Car Stereo of any sort

Home Cinema amps 

Audio Visual amps

Things that go Boom Boom in cars 

Docking stations

Any BOSE systems 

Bluetooth speaker etc 

Bluetooth speakers

MP3/Mobile's/ walkmans


Exercise bikes ( yes i have been asked)

If you have any of the above,

Please don't contact me to confirm this !!

Our Charges:

We try not give a price out before seeing the equipment , We prefer to check out the equipment  and give the correct price after we have check it out fully

We offer an estimate with all repairs, If the estimate is refused there is a charge of £45. Please contact us with the information of make and model and fault might be able to give a guide price 

HiFi and PA

Handling charge of £35 (Paid in advance)  on all HIFI - PA equipment ( Per Unit) Taken off the bill if repaired. This is cover time spent looking at it.

For more info please contact me

No Fault found  charges 

If equipment is dropped in to us for repair and after  testing we can find nothing wrong, there will be a charge of £45 per piece of equipment. All equipment is opened and tested- Visually checked, checked over for common faults. The charge is cover our time on testing . Sadly we get a lot of faults that are cause by other equipment like leads - Effects board etc.If in the event that the equipment is returned to you and the fault does materialize, Bring it back and the £45 is take off the repair bill 

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