It is very hard to price up a repair when the equipment has not been assessed .

We could tell you one price and have to increase it or decrease the price,  We do also think its unprofessional to quote in advance without a full assessment. After the assessment the price we give you is the price you pay

So below are some rough ideas of prices of some recent repairs 

Rough guide price's No VAT!!

Guitar amp (Valve) repairs from £60 + Parts

Guitar amp (Transistor) repairs from £45 + Parts

Guitar/bass practice amp repairs from £25 + Parts

PA amp (Transistor) repairs from £60 + Parts

Mixers passive or active  repairs from £60 + Parts

Effects pedal repairs from £25 + Parts

HIFi amp Valve repairs from £80 + Parts

HIFi amp ( Transistor ) repairs from £60 + Parts

HIFi separates repairs from £60 + Parts  

If your equipment is worth less than the repair estimate

you maybe asked to pay a deposit on the repair 

Please note the above prices are guide price  All estimates are given after assessment and if refused a charge of £45 is made

Re valve inc labour+ tubes

15 watt amps ( 2 x EL84)  = £89

20 watt amps ( 2 x 6V6) =£99

30 watt amps ( 4 x EL84)  = £129

40 watt amps ( 2 x 6L6-5881)  =£99

50 watt amps ( 2 x EL34)  =£99

100watt amps ( 4 x EL34 = £129

If you don't see your amp type and you want to check call us 07795671928

Please note the above prices are for a revalve, This will inc rebias/check bias and testing of all tubes in the amp. If anything else is required, we will contact you

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